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Guy's Advice to the Girls: "Don't Send Us Mixed Signals"

What do guys wish girls knew about FRIENDSHIP FEELINGS? Ironically...the Guys & Girls had the same advice for each other..."Don't Send Us Mixed Messages."


Girl's Advice to the Guys: "Don't Send Us Mixed Signals"

What do girls wish guys knew about FRIENDSHIP FEELINGS? The girls wanted me to let the guys know..."Don't Send Us Mixed Signals."


Puppy Love

Guy/girl relationships during the teenage years stand among the most predominant issues most youth pastors consider to be a delicate subject, yet it remains a topic all youth pastors must not ignore. My deliberate approach always involved infiltrating their minds through one liners like, "Puppy love leads to a dog's life."


A Leader's Friendship Trinity

The truth of the matter is that friendships are hard in ministry, especially for ministry leaders.


A Leader's Friendship Trinity: CONFIDANTS

  • They are RARE. If you have 2 or 3 of them in a lifetime, outside of your family, you are unusually blessed.
  • How do we define them? They are FOR YOU...no matter what.
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    A Leader's Friendship Trinity: CONSTITUENTS

    They are FOR WHAT YOU ARE FOR. And as long as you are "for what they are for," they will walk with you. They will stay in the ministry trenches with you.


    A Leader's Friendship Trinity: COMRADES

    These people are not for YOU, nor are they for WHAT YOU ARE FOR. Instead, they are simply AGAINST WHAT YOU ARE AGAINST. Thus, they're willing to get in the trenches and do battle with you AGAINST something.


    The Lost Art

    We live in a pretty ungrateful society. From your boss, to the parents you try to please, to the students you love, rarely will you ever get all the affirmation you deserve. Let me take a minute to tell you that while I challenge you to continue to cultivate the art of affirmation in your ministry, I want to encourage you. I apologize for all the times you've waited too long to receive a decent compliment. Cheesy though it may sound, I mean it when I say that I think you're amazing, and you really are doing a great job.


    Don't React, Respond

    My mind reeled with an entire list of things that needed to be done before 6 pm, and the day was flying away from me. Two phone appointments, a brief game plan meeting, a lunch appointment with an eagle, and then finally after resolving a conflict between two staff members, I raced back to my office. I knew I wouldn’t have time to run home and change, so I threw my outfit together and brought it with me in the morning so I could quickly get ready for the service.