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He Died For More Than "My Four"

Sometimes when a youth group is small and has been together for awhile they become very close and there's a chance that they like it that way. They're afraid if they invite others to the group it will "ruin" it for them. This can be discouraging to your efforts to grow your youth group.


Motivating Passion

Does your ministry need a shot in the arm? Here are a few simple steps you can use to generate or re-generate excitement about your ministry.


Creating Harmony in Your Youth Ministry

Most churches are not large enough to have separate ministries for their youth so they have the challenge of creating harmony in a group of energetic junior highers, high school students and sometimes young college and career age adults.

Your senior high and college/career kids can be annoyed for a thousand different reasons, and especially by the energy of a kid in junior high. They will not be annoyed though if they feel like they own a few of those junior high kids. Almost like a big brother or big sister.