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Who Are You Fighting For In Prayer?

I think, as a Christian, you’ve never really deeply loved somebody until you’ve prayed your own version of whole-hearted dangerous prayers for them occasionally.


Are You Sleepwalking?

Research shows that only 29% of workers are "engaged" at work. A full 71% of employees were cited as "not engaged." Let me define the terms as Gallup sees it. He calls the "engaged worker" one who displays passion for the company and feels a sense of connection to its mission. In contrast, the "disengaged worker" is the person who essentially sleepwalks through the day, meeting only the baseline expectations.


The Key To Happiness

True happiness cannot be obtained by having a large ministry. It comes through having a large heart. Far too easily we equate true happiness with staggering numbers and being flown around the nation, but too quickly we buy into what is honestly a fallacy of ministry.


I Was Here

I've always been a woman on a mission... to leave a genuine legacy that honors Christ. I recently did a Source message where I challenge each of us with the question, "What's going to be the SIGNATURE OF YOUR LIFE?" I ask you to be audacious enough to answer the unspoken question that everybody will be trying to casually ask in the "reunion" celebrations of your life, "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE?" We all want to do something AMAZING and WORLD-CHANGING with our lives, but really, what does that even look like today?