Sexy Jesus

Don't worry. You wont get hit by lightning ...if this book actually caught your attention. On the other hand, it may have even sounded like big-time heresy to you. Whatever your response, let me talk straight about the 21st Century Christian world we live in.

The truth is that without realizing it, many people have made Jesus Christ a little sexy. Yep, even the best of us have done it. In our sincere desire to showcase a God who appeals to the masses (and sometimes, even to ourselves), we have exchanged a beautiful Savior for an attractive god.

We want a religion with the glitz, the glamour, and all the trendy extra features. We want a sexy, vogue Jesus.

Unconsciously, we want all the benefits of a relationship with Christ without the biblical price tags. And the result? We find ourselves secretly dissatisfied with the Christianity we are living. We often ask ourselves, Is this all there is to real relationship with Christ? That's why Sexy Jesus may be the most important book you will ever read in your entire Christian life.