Jeanne's Most Significant Key To Spiritual Survival Legacy Edition

Focus On The Family did a study of individuals in full-time ministry. They found that after 10 years, an average of only 2 out of 10 remain "in the trenches." But what's the "bottom line" reason for this tragic statistic? My answer is so simple that it is agonizingly easy to discount and gloss over: Few people in ministry leadership fight the necessary battles to PRIORITIZE CONSISTENCY in their own personal "quiet time."

In this Leadership Coaching, I parallel our quiet time with Moses' tent of meeting. So grab a cup of coffee and listen in as I share 6 potential dangers from neglecting our tent of meeting, plus some ways to keep our quiet times fresh. I think the greatest thing that could ever happen from our long-distance coaching time together is the prioritizing of a CONSISTENT PERSONAL QUIET TIME in your life.


This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, STOOD UP AGAIN

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