Stood Up Again Legacy Edition

In the church world, I think we "motivate" well toward growing closer to Christ, but we sometimes don't "lead" well when we fail to give students pragmatic steps for success. Our continual "10 & 10" (10 minutes in the Word and 10 minutes in prayer) challenge is one of our attempts to do just that, but in this Message, "Stood Up Again," we take it a step further.

Through a simple but powerful drama, the reading of David's heart cry found in Psalm 42 and the sharing of a transferable illustration involving deer, we try to help students become more aware of and responsive to the Lord's constant presence. Specifically, drawing upon the wisdom of Brother Lawrence, we encourage them to transform their prayer lives by "Practicing The Presence Of God." And finally, in the giving of a 30-day challenge to have a secret, silent, running conversation with the Lord, our hearts' desire is to stir up a deep longing in them to be in His presence and submerged in Him daily, not just in times of trouble.

This Message, however, is not just for's for us too! In the chaos of life, I know too many leaders who are better at being pastors than they are at being Christ-followers. May this Message serve as a reminder to be "Practicing The Presence" ourselves.


This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, STOOD UP AGAIN