Are We Discipling Or Deceived? Legacy Edition

Have you ever wondered, are we really making a difference in the lives of the people we minister to, or are we just deceiving ourselves? Though most people will eventually become like their leaders, not all discipleship is biblically transformational. Rather, it is easy for people to be informed, but not transformed.

The Transformational Church Research Company recently wrote a book based on their research called, Transformational Discipleship: How People Really Grow. In this Leadership Coaching, I give you the highlights of their research and the book helping you know if you are discipling someone in their Transformational Sweet Spot. I share with you two things that biblical discipleship IS NOT and three steps toward accomplishing the biblical transformation we all desire.

Becoming the best we can be,

This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, PORN: THE BATTLE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS

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