Porn: The Battle Behind Closed Doors Legacy Edition

When it comes to guys, statistics tell us that over 80% of them view some type of pornography pretty often and 95-98% deal with masturbation on a regular basis. If the stats are even close to being correct, these are pretty heavy issues to leave sitting out there as "Elephants in the Pew"...problems people pretend don't exist in the church due to the uncomfortable nature of the topics. Lest you think this is a "guy problem," the percentages are rising for girls dealing with these issues as well. Meanwhile, the Enemy gladly capitalizes on our silence and heaps condemnation and hopelessness upon our society.

Dr. Judith Reisman tells us that porn slowly creates an agonizing "brain makeover" by triggering an instant, involuntary and lasting biochemical memory trail. Furthermore, neurologists tell us that when you look at porn, the same endorphins are released in your brain that are released when a person does heroin. This holds true for masturbation as well. Thus, it's no wonder why gaining freedom in these areas seems impossible for so many.

While the awareness of what's going on internally brings understanding, it's only half the battle. In this Message, I talked with people living with this challenge and asked them what they wish someone had said to them earlier. Between them and some leaders I polled, 18 amazing pieces of advice emerged to help us in our pursuit of victory.


This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, PORN: THE BATTLE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS