How To Let Anger Ruin Your Life Legacy Edition

No you didn't read the title wrong; this Message is called, "How To Let Anger Ruin Your Life." Anger has a negative connotation, but in all honesty it is second cousin to all of us. We all deal with it in different ways; however, we all know how it feels to get ticked. This is the back door approach to a topic we all can relate to. While not all anger is bad, misdirected anger can ruin your life. The message is tongue-cheek and is kind of a "how-to" in reverse.

As we all know, our students have the loudest voice to their generation. This four part drama gives students the platform to be that voice on this sensitive topic. Sad truth is, when we can do less talking and let the students do more, even if it is through drama or monologues, the evening winds up being invariably our finest.

Not letting anger ruin my own life,

This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, HOW TO LET ANGER RUIN YOUR LIFE