Dear Jeanne... Legacy Edition

This Message, "Dear Jeanne...," is a little different than some of our other nights. We structured this night to have a closer, more intimate feel. I wrote six monologues based on some of the real concerns that a large group of people struggle with.

Even though the messages and events can be incredible, often when people show up at service, they can feel like no one's talking about the stuff that's going on "inside their head." So for "Dear Jeanne...," I let the monologues express honest, and often hidden, thoughts and mind games that people think.

You'll feel the distinction almost immediately. In a room of several hundred, I felt as though I was able to have a heart-to-heart talk with many of them. This night will quickly become a very memorable one.

We've included everything you need to make this night work for you. Change it, adapt it, and have a memorable night with your gang!

Lovingly your biggest fan,

This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio.

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, DOUBTERS WELCOME