Homeland Security Legacy Edition

For the majority of us, we find our families, as well as our closest friends, to be the toughest mission field. We know all too well, when we share Christ with those we love most, the risk of rejection is high for a number of reasons. However, the reward of spending eternity with them in heaven can't be touched. We know this...our team knows this...yet sometimes we both need reminded of it.

In this Message, I give some tangible ideas on how to intentionally love our families and friends in ways that will enable them to both hear and see Jesus through their actions, attitudes, words, and deeds. My prayer for this resource is that our team will be able to cut through all the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and stand in the gap for those closest to them.

Fighting for the Family,

This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, FAMILY VS MINISTRY: THE ETERNAL TUG OF WAR