The Challenge: Fighting For Your FamilyLegacy Edition

This Message was one that I developed years ago while I was still a student in Bible College. It was during that time, while studying for the ministry, that I was desperately praying for my own parents' salvation. Most of us passionately want to make a true difference in our families and friends to hopefully bring them to a relationship with Christ. In this message I give some pragmatic principles that you can share with your team so they can begin to positively affect their families through faith!

While listening to this message, you'll hear me become painfully transparent about my own struggle in bringing my parents to the Lord. I allow my team to get a glimpse of my honest vulnerability because I believe "You lead people through your strengths, but you connect to them through your weaknesses." May I challenge you to allow your gang to see you a little more transparent.

Your "long-distance" cheerleader,

This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, FAMILY VS MINISTRY: THE ETERNAL TUG OF WAR