The Hedgehog Principle In Youth Ministry

Ever read the renown secular leadership book "Good To Great"? The leadership principles in this book are so powerful, that using Jim Collins' terminology, I've entitled our time together, "The Hedgehog Principle."

If you are like me, you have way more goals in youth ministry than you have the time to accomplish them. "The Hedgehog Principle" helps me to understand the importance of focus and priorities in any effective youth ministry. Take a look at nature. The fox seems to be more effective in battle because he can run quickly and in a hundred different directions. But the hedgehog has only one primary skill: he rolls up in a prickly ball when the fox comes near him. In observing these two animals, we glean an important lesson. The clumsy, slow hedgehog invariably comes out the winner.

A fellow youth ministry hedgehog,

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