Scandal Legacy Edition

The title of this Message comes from SCANDAL, a highly rated TV series (that I don't recommend...LOL) based around Olivia Pope and her crisis management agency. Her agency works to cover up scandals and protect the reputations of key political figures in Washington D.C. The crazy plot twist is that Olivia herself is having an affair with the President of the United States, ironically making HER the biggest SCANDAL. Sadly enough, from Heaven's perspective, we too, often make OURSELVES A SCANDAL in painful but eternal ways.

In this Message, I'm walking through the stories of two biblical figures who made themselves scandals…Samson and the Prodigal Son. With the help of these two historical figures and Olivia Pope, I'm sharing on four areas that for all of us can become spiritual scandals. This is a must-hear resource!


This Legacy Edition includes updated graphics and audio

This is one of the resources in the LEGACY called, THE FINE ART OF SPEAR-THROWING