7 Things Ministry Leaders Tell Me In Private Legacy Edition

This is just one of the resources from our LEGACY edition called, AVOIDING THE BLACK HOLE.

I think all of us enter ministry with high expectations and some UNREALISTIC ones. It's easy to become disillusioned when ministry doesn't work out the way we envisioned it. As a leader, have you ever thought when counseling someone, "If you only knew"? If you only knew that I too wrestle with doubts, insecurities, and mind games. If you only knew that I too struggle with unconquered sin patterns. If you only knew... The reality is that I do know. Because I've faced my own "If you only knew..." challenges.

I created this leadership mentoring from points of some of the repeating themes leaders tell me confidentially when they feel SAFE ENOUGH to open up their honest hearts. My heart's desire is that this will reach inside that secret place in your heart and provide you with large doses of encouragement, along with valuable wisdom and hope.