The Ultimate Question Legacy Edition

This is just one of the resources from our LEGACY edition called, LOVE THAT WILL NOT WALK AWAY

One "ultimate question" casts the die for many of us. No, it's not "What would Jesus do?"...though granted, that's a pivotal question. But, it's a LEADERSHIP question that will shape your attitudes, priorities, goals, and everyday living.

Here's the question: Are you going to spend the rest of your life trying to BE GREAT...or trying to MAKE OTHERS GREAT? If your answer to this question is the second option, then hell will deeply fear the eternal impact of both your life and your legacy.

In this leadership resource, I'm sharing some of my own personal thoughts on how to live "The Ultimate Question." I'm hitting four talking points that help us focus on MAKING OTHERS GREAT. This will be an outstanding resource for helping those around you reach higher ground.


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