Keep Digging Legacy Edition

This is just one of the resources from our LEGACY edition called, LOVE THAT WILL NOT WALK AWAY

In 2015 there was an unforgettable epic true story from the nation of Chile where 33 men who were working in an underground mine were trapped when the mine horrifically collapsed on top of them. With more than 2,000 feet of massive rock in their way, the rescue of the 33 miners seemed impossible...unless other people above ground chose to "KEEP DIGGING." When most people were ready to give up, a small group of men refused. They just kept digging despite the odds, despite the set-backs, despite the massive personal sacrifices they themselves had to make. Why? Because love will always be a stronger force than circumstances.

Isn't that a pretty decent picture of people who are trapped in spiritual darkness...without hope...unless one of "us"...the people who genuinely know Jesus...make the costly efforts to reach them? I think so. In this Source, with inspiration from this epic true story, Scripture, short monologues, a memorable story, and some practical steps, I challenge our students not to give up while those around them are trapped without Jesus, but to love them enough to refuse to give up on them!

So, what's the bottom line to having lasting, eternal impact on people? "KEEP DIGGING!"