Keeping Clean In My Dirty World Legacy Edition

This is just one of the resources from our LEGACY edition called, CLEAN IN A CONTAMINATED WORLD

Sy Rogers often says, "The miracle is not that I got saved out of a particular ditch of sexual sin...rather, it's that I've walked on with God for 35 years!" As Sy states, this is no small accomplishment, considering his history of abuse, deprivation, and promiscuity. So what worked for Sy in learning to get clean, and stay clean in a dirty world within and without? Even if your history is different than Sy's, we share the same humanity. Sy will offer insights that transformed his life, and which helped him learn to master, rather than remain mastered by, his sexuality.

Issues addressed: thought life, memory, fantasy, desire, masturbation, healing of sexual abuse, and rebuilding self-control.

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