Escape Room

In the last 10 years, there has been a growing trend of people flocking to recreational places called ESCAPE ROOMS. People actually PAY MONEY to get LOCKED UP in a room that they are not certain they can escape! Sounds a little bit like a classy type of prison, yet thousands of people are enjoying these ESCAPE ROOMS all over America every week.

SOUNDS LIKE LIFE SOMETIMES, doesn't it? Life can be a fun and exciting adventure, but often in our own MINDS we feel INTIMIDATED, FRUSTRATED or TRAPPED. SOMETIMES OUR MINDS CAN FEEL LIKE A PERSONAL ESCAPE ROOM (something like a "custom room" designed by the enemy to keep us imprisoned or in bondage in different areas of our lives).

You might be asking yourself, "Where are we going with this retreat theme of "ESCAPE ROOM"? I'm glad you asked! This Retreat focuses on THE POWER OF OUR OWN THOUGHTS...thoughts that lead to a truly FREE life that honors Jesus, or thoughts that keep us TRAPPED and in different forms of BONDAGE.

This Digital Resource includes all the files you will need to both edit & reproduce the Leader Guide & Student Journal.

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