Counterfeit Love

For everything good Jesus gives us there's a Counterfeit… a fraudulent imitation that seeks to deceive, devalue and destroy. We all internally crave... affirmation, acceptance, and attention. And if we don’t allow Christ’s CRAZY LOVE to be at the center of those needs, we open ourselves up to COUNTERFEIT FORMS OF LOVE... that will always disappoint us, wound us, and ultimately put us in bondage.

In this Source I call, "Counterfeit Love," I shed some light on two of these Counterfeits. My own personal struggle I call, "The Disease To Please," and the one that is almost everywhere we turn now... the counterfeits of "Pornography, Self-Gratification, and Sexting." Tough topics, and ones that the church will often avoid talking about. But in today's youth culture, ones we can't afford to ignore.