FEELS: What We All Feel When It Comes to Relationships

Relationships are a theme we often teach on in youth ministry because it's the number one way the Enemy attempts to take out your students. One of the "signatures" of our youth ministry is to cultivate HEALTHY, GREAT CHRISTIAN FRIENDSHIPS. But "FEELINGS" can make that goal pretty complicated sometimes when it comes to FRIENDSHIPS WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX.

I wanted to connect with the hearts of my students, so I hosted two "focus groups," one with guys and the other one with girls. I asked them to talk about their FEELINGS when it came to building HEALTHY FRIENDSHIPS with the opposite sex...what they WISHED their counterparts KNEW. Listen in to the 12 things the guys wanted the girls to know...and the 14 things the girls wanted me to pass on to the guys. I added a memorable story and God's concept of unselfish friendship and Christian love outlined for us in 1 Corinthians 13. It was a light hearted evening that conveyed some pretty profound truths.