Jeanne's Top Time Management Key

One of the questions that I get asked frequently is, "How do you get it all done?" What they mean is, "How do you balance, raising two amazing sons...being a wife to my hero, who was also my senior pastor for many, many years...AND...growing youth ministries...being the principal of a thriving Christian school...a traveling speaking the Cadre, continue to produce mentoring resources each month, oversee the Atlanta Leadership College and youth ministries for Victory World Church at multiple campuses...How do you get it all done?"

How often in ministry people have "quit," saying they were "burned out"...but instead, they actually failed to properly "manage their energy" properly. Thus they didn't stay emotionally motivated and engaged in their careers. That's why researchers say that one of the key reasons why people quit careers and suffer from what they call "BURN OUT" should more accurately be called BOREDOM.

Listen in, as I give a 16-question assessment on the four dimensions where energy is needed. Keep score of the number of times you answer "TRUE" to each of these 16 questions...then I'll give you what the research tells about your score when it comes to your own personal energy management.

Determined to live a 100X life,

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