What Made Billy Graham...Billy Graham?

The media trumpeted the news on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, that Billy Graham had just passed away. The headline in the Atlanta Constitution Journal was, "My Home is Heaven." Without argument, Billy Graham was the most impacting spiritual hero of the 20th Century and he did what very few leaders in any circle has been able to do...He "finished the race with the wind in his face." He never made compromises to make his life be something less than what he called other people to be.

It's true that "The years will teach you what the days will never know." So in this Youth Leader's Coach, I share some key lessons leadership-wise that Billy Graham's 99 years loudly teach us. Some of these lessons I feel are being forgotten by the current and the emerging generation of Christian leaders. Listen in as I unpack the top 10 lessons I think he teaches us.


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