Where Are They Now?

Have you ever dared to think of who will remember you when you are gone? And even deeper, what you will be remembered by? Will you be remembered by your rock solid character? Or perhaps, will you will be remembered by what my hero and husband is being remembered by, his PRAYER LIFE. Or maybe that won't be your legacy. What if you are remembered for being selfish, unkind, maybe a gossip, a disinterested parent, or lazy youth leader?

In this Source, "Where Are They Now?" we talk about the LEGACY we will choose to live out while on this earth. I talk about how we can do this STRATEGICALLY and INTENTIONALLY in the society we live in today. And how we can strive to do this consistently so that we can make a REAL, LASTING impact on the lives of this generation.

"When I die, don't think I'm gone. I'll still be alive in that person...and that person...and that person...and that person."-D.L. Moody and Jeanne

Building A Legacy,