The Biggest Secret To Happiness

Would you believe me if I told you, that after years and years of searching, that I have OFFICIALLY found the biggest secret to happiness?! In this month's Source, I dive into the number one thing that this generation is most CRAVING…just to be HAPPY! We often portray our "perfect" lives, under our "perfect" filters. But, are we really HAPPY?

The truth is with every thought that we allow to race through our own minds, we are continually REINVENTING and RESHAPING OURSELVES and OUR FUTURE. Taken from Tommy Newberry's 4:8 Principle, I’ve added some key Scriptures, a few thought-provoking monologues, and some inspiring stories, to help reveal some of the most common toxic thoughts we think, and help point us to a much greater, happier life, through a few simple practices.