Guyland: Helping Boys Become Men

In today's 21st century society, the transition from BOY to MAN is very allusive. I wouldn't say that many boys are signing up for the next "How To Become A Man" conference, nor are fathers exemplifying real, godly manhood for their young sons. After all, it's always been said, "parents are just kids, that grew up, and had kids."

So how do we stop this cycle? How do we charge our young boys, our young men, to rise to the occasion and become REAL MEN? In this Youth Leader’s Coach, “Guyland: Helping Boys Become Men,” we identify the differences between the two, boy vs. man, and some of the most common misconceptions of what a man should be. I give many practical suggestions on how to make the transition well to manhood in ways such as: being biblically responsible with your time, how to embrace spiritual, emotional, and financial maturity, and above all, how to be a MAN that is a REAL HERO in today's generation that is fashioned from the image of the Almighty God.


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