Effective Closings: Getting Your Message Over The Finish Line

As the end of both our Cadre and ALC year is right around the corner, we are just people on a mission to make our final moments together really count.  That's why I chose this Alliance's topic to be, "Effective Closings:  Getting Your Message Over The Finish Line."  In the same way that we are being intentional with the close of our year, our heart is that you would be just as intentional with how you close out your talks.

Any good communicator knows that we all want to present our messages in a way that makes our listeners want to "buy in."  That's why our closings are so important.  Truth is, no matter how good of an athlete you are, if you can't get across the finish line with strength, you're not a champion.  The parallel is obvious in our talks.  It's really easy to work hard on the body of your message and have the ending "fall flat."  So, I just wanted to do this resource to give you and your ALLIANCE gang some practical examples on how to make the close of your talks the most significant possible.