Family Vs. Ministry: The Eternal Tug Of War

All of time management is a trade-off.  Unfortunately, for those of us in ministry, that trade-off can easily become our family.  However, my personal definition of success is having "those who know me BEST love me MOST."  I'm wholeheartedly committed to saying that my family always came before my ministry.  That's why this quarter I'm sharing on "Family vs. Ministry:  The Eternal Tug of War."

We simply can't put ourselves on autopilot and expect to have a good family and a good marriage.  I repeat back to myself often, "Jeanne, your most important ministry is not when you DRIVE OUT of your driveway in the morning, but when you DRIVE BACK IN."  Sadly though, I find that it's easier to put more energy into special events at the youth group than into family nights.  My heart, as you and your gang listen to this resource, is that it becomes authentically helpful in balancing the world of family and ministry.