When Life Isn't Fair

We all have some level of pain in our lives, whether big or small.  But it's truly what you do with your pain that defines you.  While many people live their lives letting their wounds cripple them, others let their hurt drive them.  One way or another, pain will change you.  And I've found that no other quality distinguishes leaders from non-leaders more than that of finding meaning in adversity.

The tipping point in crisis really is finding that we have the power to DEFINE PURPOSE from our pain, rather than allowing the situation to define its own ultimate outcome.  That is why we're sharing "When Life Isn't Fair" in this Alliance.  In the video you'll hear some survival strategies for when life stinks!  We want to be long-haul ministry people, finding fresh purpose from the bumps in the road.  In other words, we want to be people who create meaning in adversity.