10 Principles For Handling Youth Ministry Conflict

When I was training in college to enter youth ministry, I often mentally moaned about the lack of "real world courses" that would prepare me for my ministry journey.  Now, more than four decades along, I stand by those early thoughts.  One course I wish they taught in college was "Conflict Resolution 101."  After all, it's everywhere! Whether it's a parent who is furious because you're not treating their child "fairly" or a church member who thinks the music in the youth service is "of the devil," conflicts are a natural part of ministry.

The truth of the matter is where there are people, there is conflict.  Yet, it's important for all of us as leaders to be able to deal with conflict in the right way.  If we don't, unresolved conflict, in any arena, can "eat away" at even the strongest of us.

That is why we're sharing "10 Principles For Handling Youth Ministry Conflict" in this Alliance.  In the video you'll hear ten practical and healthy ways to handle the very thing we often want to shy away from -- conflict.  Unresolved conflict with pastors, leaders, parents, and students is easily one of the top things that take people out of ministry.  Sad but true.  However, if unresolved conflict can take people out, that means restored peace can help keep people IN the ministry for the long haul!  That's sure our heart!