The #1 Reason Why Many Ministries Fail

This ALLIANCE resource, "The #1 Reason Why Many Youth Ministries Fail," is a game-changer and one of my personal favorites.  Several years ago, GROUP PUBLISHING did a strategic survey entitled, "The Cool Church Survey."  In it, they asked 10,000 teenagers and young adults, "Tell us the things that most matter to you when you go to a church or youth group."  The results were very interesting: 74% responded that "a welcoming, warm environment" was most important to them.  That's code language for "a FRIENDLY ministry."  Coming in dead last was "a fast-paced, high-tech ministry."

Our students are hungry for friendship…but so are the pastors and leaders that sit in our Alliance gatherings.  Genuine friendship and caring are trademarks of The Alliance, as they should be in our youth ministries.  As you know, this doesn't happen by chance but only through intentionality, so fight to make your times together really count.

Every youth leader I know longs to connect with others, grow as individuals and leaders and, of course, grow their youth ministries.