Pit Stops Required

I was raised in Indianapolis, just miles away from the famed Indy 500. I don't know much about professional racing. But one obvious thing stands out: No one wins the race without making regular pit stops. Those pauses allow for refueling and the necessary mechanical adjustments to keep going long haul.

You probably made a "personal pit stop" of sorts during the summer if you were able to break away for some sort of summer vacation. But as fall and winter approach, don't make the mistake of thinking that your next "pit stop" needs to wait until next summer. Shorter but more frequent "break away times" will make a huge difference in your spiritual health and emotional resiliency.

Remember my definition for BUSY: "Being Under Satan's Yoke." So, in this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "Pit Stops Required," let me dialogue with you on this simple concept of taking SHORT BUT MORE CONSISTENT breaks, to be able to survive the long-haul.

In It For The Long Haul,

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