Christ's First Leadership Lesson To His Volunteers

In Luke 10, we read where Jesus sent out His first groups of "volunteers." And when they returned, Jesus gave them their first leadership lesson. He said, "I need to talk to you about JOY."

There are a lot of leaders out of ministry because leaders tend to mismanage their joy. That's probably why this was His first leadership lesson to His volunteers. "The joy of the Lord is our STRENGTH." Thus, you've misplaced your strength if you've misplaced your joy.

In this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "Christ's First Leadership Lesson To His Volunteers," I'm sharing leader to leader on a topic that Christ thought was important enough that He taught it to His volunteers before anything else...JOY. Regardless of what the season looks like for any of us, we must choose to manage our joy as we do this ministry thing. So, listen in because it's a BIG DEAL!


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