Bullet Proof

When Craig becomes overwhelmed with situations of death and abandonment in his family, life begins to spiral out of control. Craig enters a depression, being tormented by the demons of his own mind games, leading to suicidal thoughts. Craig's sense of hopelessness and helplessness is rooted in his inability for vulnerability. He has dealt with so much hurt in his life that metaphorically, he puts on a bulletproof vest to avoid letting people in. As time continues, Craig comes to the realization that he is not in control. His next thought...Who is?

This drama reminds students that while circumstances are different, all pain is the same and challenges them to lay down their BULLETPROOF vests and let God in to take control.

We include everything you need for your own interactive retreat! You may also wish to purchase the Youth Leader's Coach called, "Hosting A Mind-Blowing Retreat" where I explain from the start to the finish pragmatics of running an interactive retreat.


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