The Decades Speak: Lessons #22-24

It is hard to believe that over thirty years of youth ministry have already passed. What a journey it has been! I often say, "The years will teach you what the days never know."

This series, "The Decades Speak," is a compilation of thirty of the most significant and impacting principles I have learned along the way. It's a wealth of insights and lessons learned through the hard knocks of youth ministry over the years. Let this resource be encouragement and strength for both your own heart and for your ministry.

Lovingly on Your Side,

This is Part 6 of 8, covering Lessons #22-24

Lesson #22 - Be authentic...realizing people follow you through your strengths but connect with you through your weaknesses.

Lesson #23 - In a world of thermometers, choose to be a thermostat...helping your leaders and teens to control the atmosphere, not reflect it.

Lesson #24 - Don't fix it until you feel it...finding the lost art of listening and caring deeply.

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