Your Most Dangerous Need

As I prepped for this message I found this quote by Anson Mount, the co-author of the "Playboy Philosophy" that says, "In the last 20 years, we have not gone through a sexual revolution as much as a revolution in our search for intimacy." As shocking as it sounds, I actually agreed with him. We all have a need for "somebody" and if left unchecked, it can make fools of all of us, causing us to lose touch with reality and common sense. Why? Because a HUNGRY need is a DANGEROUS need. I think that's why the Bible reminds us in Proverbs 4:23, "Above all else, guard your heart for EVERYTHING you do flows from it."

In this month's Source, "Your Most Dangerous Need," I'm pulling parallels from the relationship of Samson and Delilah to remind us all that any desire we continue to toy with in our minds will eventually make us its toy. With an awesome skit, a fun video, and an incredible closing poem, I'm taking a run at saying to our students that one of their most important life goals should be making Jesus the Epicenter of their "someone need."

Keeping Him at the Center,