Point Guard

Youth Ministry Basics is eight pragmatic teachings with informative "how-tos" that have consistently made significant differences in my youth ministries over the years.

A Point Guard is "the person who finds the holes in the defense to best execute a winning strategy." Is your defensive strategy a little off? Well, I can honestly say that without our Point Guard team, our defense would be a little off. I cannot tell you what a difference this team makes for us each and every ministry night! These kids come expecting more out of our youth ministry, because they now feel a part of the team. They realize through a friendly smile, a handshake, a high-five and a simple “What’s up?” they just might impact the person they are handing a flyer to. Point Guard’s mix is made up of people who are willing to be servants. They sacrifice their time and energy one ministry night a month by being the most amazing serving team anyone could ever ask for. Without their time, energy and their hearts, our ministry would not be the same.

This Youth Ministry Basics Resource will give you simple strategies to recruit your Point Guard team, train them, and keep them motivated to come back week after week.