Wall Street

Life, for all of us, can have some really painful bumps. At those moments, it's so easy and so natural for all of us to put up walls separating us from God and people. The amazing part of the story is that while we build walls to separate ourselves from God, God is busy placing walls in our lives to protect us from eternity in hell. People don't talk about it often, but I think it's important for all of us to remember that heaven and hell are both very real and that we all have the freedom of choice on how we spend eternity.

The incredible Scripture in Romans 8:28 reminds all of us that while God is not the author of pain, hurt, or sickness, that He is faithful to take all the junk in our lives and use it for good. So, while we as humans are cursing our crisis, the Lord is trying to use some of those times to point us toward Him.

A full-length drama in a youth service is an incredibly powerful form of communication and a way of getting our students more involved. That's why I wanted to offer you "Wall Street" as a special love-gift. It is a relatively easy drama to pull off, and one with a message that your students are sure to relate to. So, listen in, and be reminded of the incredible love of Jesus that really is for all of us.

Thankful for the Wall of His Love,