Insecurity: The Ultimate In Ladder Climbing

Insecurity is like climbing invisible ladders trying to reach invisible goals to make us feel higher, bigger, and above all the other people around us. Whether we're leaning on a "shifting" foundation, playing the "comparison game," we lose track of our real "value," or get caught up in the "longing for belonging" trap, insecurity is something that we ALL deal with in one way or another.

This Source is Part 1 of a 2-part series we did called, "The Lamp: Illuminating The Raw Feelings Of Your Life." With a fun skit, some key Scriptures and a thought-provoking poem, I helped our students see that they can deal with their "IN Security" by flipping the words around and finding their "Security IN" Jesus! You'll find the video "bumper" and "countdown" for the series on Vimeo. We've also included the message notes for the second message of the series for you!

Coming Off My Ladder