How To Survive A Zombie Attack: Dead Men Walk Alone

What do zombies have to do with being a Christian? According to The Zombie Survival Guide, "Working together, always together, has shown to be the only successful strategy for staying alive and conquering the enemy." That sounds like a pretty amazing slice of the New Testament to me! And so, we used this night to set the stage as we begin the journey of new Life Groups in our ministry.

This Source, "How To Survive A Zombie Attack: Dead Men Walk Alone," shares six key purposes for doing life together in groups, like "experiencing genuine Christian friendships" and "helping each other grow spiritually." It's packed with some fun skits, an inspirational story, lots of Scripture and, as a special bonus, we even give you the Leader's Guide we used when our Life Groups met for the first time. If you are thinking about starting Life Groups in your ministry, or if your current groups need some "new life," you're going to want to listen to this one.

Committed to doing life together,