How Do You Counsel A Self-Cutter?

This iVolunteer resource is a COACHING RESOURCE for volunteer youth leaders who want to be the BEST they can be!

This month's iVolunteer, "How Do You Counsel A Self-Cutter?" is on a touchy subject that we can often go silent on in the church. Sadly enough, statistics say that at least 4% of the general population suffers from this "new anorexia" more commonly known as "cutting." So, though not all your students may deal with it, chances are they know or will know someone who deals with this addictive disorder.

Listen in, as I walk through a few reasons why people can turn to "self-injury" and how we can effectively minister to those who deal with this heartbreaking disorder. This resource will be powerfully helpful for you in dealing with and addressing all kinds of addictions. You may also want to check out the Source, "The Silent Agony of Cutting" that goes along with this leadership resource. It's taken from a family night in my youth ministry where we go after this area, no holds barred.