Thoughts From The Starting Line

As I'm launching this exciting new chapter of my life, I just want to pause with you to share some essential principles that I'm putting into action here with my brand new youth ministry family. Statistics tell us if you're in youth ministry for the long haul, you will probably have at least one ministry transition. So whether you are starting all over again like me, or if you just want to bring fresh vision to the ministry you're at now, you'll get some great ideas from this message.

In this Youth Leader's Coach, "Thoughts From The Starting Line," I share with you ten key things that I'll be focusing on in my new youth ministry as I cast vision for the future. Remember, that "first impressions are lasting impressions" so I'm working hard to make these first few months with my new group of amazing students really count.

You may also want to listen to the Source that goes with this Youth Leader's Coach, "8,760 Hours From Now," the first night I spent with my students.

Starting with the end in mind,

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