How Do I Counsel A Person Who Claims They Are Gay?

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"I'm gay." This is one of the phrases that many churches run from. With the media's glamorization of the gay lifestyle, the accessibility and normality of porn, and the commonality of sexual abuse in our culture, it is no wonder that homosexuality is a struggle for many of our students. Unfortunately, because of our discomfort or inexperience in talking about sexuality, we often avoid it or condemn it, leaving our struggling students feeling like they have no one to turn to.

In this iVolunteer I answer the question, "How Do I Counsel A Person Who Claims They Are Gay?" You'll hear me share some time-tested counseling advice and Scriptures that will help you understand God's teaching on sexuality, equipping you to engage on this topic with your students. However, let me remind you that the most important gift you can give someone struggling in this area is genuine Christ-honoring love, friendship, and acceptance.