Get The Weight Off!

A recent survey indicated 80% of American teenagers don't like what they see when they look in mirror. It's not surprising given they use our faulty American value system as their measuring rod. Appearance, intelligence, abilities, assets, and certainly not "what we think that others think about us" categories were never meant to be the biblical standards for determining self-image health. The burden of the "I don't measure up" weight they are carrying can be life-altering. As any high school psychology book will tell you, one of the most important determinants of your future is tied to what you think about yourself today.

In this Source, "Get The Weight Off!," I parallel the shedding of a negative self-image to the journey of a contestant on ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition." While Dana learns what it takes for a physical transformation, we learn what is required for a spiritual one. At the core, it will involve transforming our minds from seeing ourselves from our perspective to seeing ourselves, as intended, from the Lord's. Through video clips from the TV show, Scriptures, and a powerful "Proclamation," students learn to nourish "good addictions" and understand that true freedom comes not from self-acceptance, but God-acceptance.