God's Answer To Boring Christianity

"Perhaps the Lord will help us..." were the words of Jonathan as he and his armor bearer, out-manned, ascended the cliff toward the Philistine outpost. Meanwhile down below, the Israelites, without sword or spear, were clueless the two had even left.

That scene alone has the makings of a box office hit - outnumbered, nearly weaponless and, with the help of a well-timed earthquake, ridiculously victorious. You weigh that kind of faith and courage against the apathy and fear many of us have today simply inviting people to church and it doesn't add up. Especially taking into consideration that a high percentage of the people who have never attended church say it's simply because they've never been invited.

Drawing from the dramatic scene of Jonathan and his armor bearer, a hilarious video clip and a heart-felt story of an art collector, in this Source we challenge our students to an adventurous, breath-taking and evangelistic faith. Without it, they run the risk of buying into the false notion that Christianity can be boring...when lived out well, it is anything but!

Remembering "whoever gets the Son, gets it all,"