Uninvited Scars

Jesus couldn't have summed it up better when He said, "In this world you will have trouble..." And, we all have the scars caused by our bad decisions to undeniably prove it! But sometimes the scars are made by others, even when we've done everything "right." Privately, they can leave us crying out to God, "Where were You?"

This Source, featuring one of my former students and a faithful pastor in the inner city Detroit area, Kevin Ramsby, helps us to answer that very question. He awoke one night to an intruder who in an attempt to rob him, repeatedly stabbed Kevin 37 times, leaving him left for dead in his own pool of blood. Remarkably, Kevin lives to tell the story and remind us where God is when we experience "Uninvited Scars."

Through the sharing of his and Joseph's story, Kevin's prayer, and mine too, is that your students...and maybe you as well...will experience the touch of God in the areas that have caused the greatest hurt and pain. As the ultimate redeemer and restorer, God can and will work for good what the Devil would love to have destroy you.

Living close to Him,