God's Greatest Matchmaking Secret

In life most of us deal with or have dealt with what I call "the compulsion for completion." We tell ourselves, "When I find the right person, I'll be complete." However, truth be told, our emptiness is not so much a case of a missing person, but a missing purpose.

What's the solution? It lies in choosing to follow the specific three step process God set in motion long ago with Adam and Eve. Following it can keep us from sliding into the abyss of continually trying to complete ourselves in others when completion can only be found in Him and Him alone.

Curious as to what the three step process is? I hope so. Grab a cup of coffee and jump back in time to "In the beginning..." Through a shocking news clipping, funny drama, great video and a story that could make a grown man cry, we'll challenge students "not to awaken love before it's time."