What Taylor And Tiger Teach Us About Romance

Everyone has a lot to say about romance, don't they? Especially our society and "role models" high in the entertainment industry. In this Source we'll take a look into the personal lives of two people that have a pretty high standing in the music and sports worlds...Taylor Swift and Tiger Woods. They both have much to say about romance...yet the lives they live contradict their own words. And their choices reveal obvious patterns of compromise in both of their lives.

We ALL need to be continually reminded that sin will take us farther than we ever wanted to go, keep us longer than we ever meant to stay and cost us more than we ever wanted to pay. Unchecked patterns of sin, sexual and otherwise, will not just go away. We need to fight to break through patterns of compromise as though our whole lives depend on it...because they do. Compromise at any level chills the soul.

Through videos, a great Titanic story, memorable one-liners, awesome analogies and the story of King David, in this Source we are reminded not to wait to turn the ship until the iceberg is upon us. It's far better to heed the warning and alter our course now before we even come close to shipwrecking our lives.

Checking the radar,