Styrofoam Cup Theology

Are you ready to break out the styrofoam cups? That's what you might want to hand out to your gang as you begin this evening's message. What an unbelievable privilege we have to "POUR OURSELVES OUT" to a hungry, hurting generation. And just what exactly are we supposed to be "pouring out"? The answer shouts to us from the words in Colossians 1:27, "Christ IN YOU, the hope of glory!"

This Source, "Styrofoam Cup Theology," is a challenge to motivate your youth ministry "core kids" to build relational and evangelism bridges beyond the four walls of your local youth ministry. It's a challenge to look beyond the masks that many people hide behind...and then build unselfish, Christ-honoring friendships that can lead others to Jesus.

So drop by the store tonight on the way home to pick up a few packages of styrofoam cups...and thank God that we get to "pour out" such a life-changing commodity: "Christ IN YOU, the hope of glory!"

Still hoping to bring security in a world of masks,