While it's been around for awhile, I'm not sure Punk'd will ever grow old! Have you seen it? In the MTV hit, Ashton Kutcher stages elaborate practical jokes in an effort to make a fool out of superstars. In the show, no celebrity is safe, but this holds true for real life too. While Ashton Kutcher does the "Punking" on TV, the Enemy gives us his best shot in real life where the stakes are much higher.

The original "Punking" began with Adam and Eve and has been taking place ever since. In this Source, we expose the Enemy's strategies and tactics that existed in the Garden and are still in play today. If we can help students realize he's still running the same plays, maybe we can help keep them from falling into the same pits. Ultimately, the greatest desire is for them to have ears to hear and eyes to see the truth found in God's Word and love.

This is an easy and fun outreach night for you to pull off without a lot of money, just some heart. We had a packed house that night with a bunch of students coming to faith in Jesus Christ. I think you'll enjoy the 3-part drama, story and videos that go along with this one.

One of your greatest fans,